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doTERRA: The Natural Revolution Your Lifestyle Needs

Published On - August 07, 2023

Ever felt the need to make a shift towards a more holistic approach to wellness? Perhaps you've dabbled in the world of essential oils or have heard about their myriad of benefits? If this sparks a note of curiosity, doTERRA is precisely where you need to begin your transformative journey.

 Discovering doTERRA
From the heart of nature to the comfort of your home, doTERRA boasts an extensive range of products that cater to every facet of your wellbeing. Whether you are diving into the therapeutic world of essential oils or exploring home and personal items, the 'Shop' tab on their website is your gateway to a healthier lifestyle.

Easy Shopping, Greater Savings
Adding to your bag is a cinch. But the real treat? Observing that 25% off wholesale discount applied directly to your cart. No strings attached. And what's more, the icing on the cake is the complimentary membership you'll avail with your purchase. Yes, you read that right!

Experience & Embrace
Once you've made your choices, the checkout process is streamlined for your convenience. Simply input your payment and shipping details and brace yourself for a sensory delight delivered to your doorstep.

Beyond Shopping: The Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)
If you find yourself becoming an ardent doTERRA aficionado, and let's face it – it's hard not to, then the Loyalty Rewards Program is tailored for you. Not only can you earn points on every monthly order, but with consistent purchases over a year, you stand to gain up to 30% back in product points. And guess what? They throw in 12 free products too!

Wholesale Membership: The Gift that Keeps on Giving
With doTERRA, the benefits are endless:
- Enjoy a flat 25% off on every order without any hidden conditions.
- Relish the rewards of the Loyalty Rewards Program with free products and accumulative benefits.
- Though your wholesale membership lasts a year, renewing it is a breeze. For a mere $25, not only do you get another year of incredible discounts, but they'll also gift you a 15 mL bottle of invigorating Peppermint essential oil.

In Closing
doTERRA isn't just about products; it's about a movement towards natural, sustainable, and transformative well-being. Every drop of oil, every product is a testament to nature's unparalleled potency. So, why stay on the sidelines when you can be a part of this holistic revolution?

Discover, indulge, and transform with doTERRA. Dive in and make the switch today!

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