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Success Story : How We Helped JohnBruce Secure 49 Signups in 40 Days for "GotBackup" Opportunity

Executive Summary

JohnBruce was struggling to get signups for a new business opportunity he was promoting, known as "GotBackup." Despite his hard work, he wasn't seeing the results he had hoped for. After approaching MLMScores for help, we deployed a multi-pronged digital marketing strategy that boosted his signups to 49 in just 40 days. This case study outlines the specific actions we took to achieve this remarkable outcome.

The Challenge

JohnBruce had invested a significant amount of time and energy into promoting "GotBackup," a reputable data backup service. He tried different marketing strategies but couldn't secure any signups. Realizing he needed expert help, he reached out to MLMScores to revitalize his efforts.

Our Approach

After accepting the challenge, we took time to understand the "GotBackup" opportunity deeply. We then devised a comprehensive marketing strategy consisting of four main steps:

1. SEO-Boosted Review Post

We began by publishing a positive and comprehensive review post about "GotBackup" to instill trust and create awareness. To improve the post's visibility on Google, we generated 200 premium backlinks using various techniques such as:

- Article submission
- PDF submission
- Profile Link Building
- Web2.0 Submission
- Press Releases
- Guest Posts

As a result, our review post started trending on the top pages of Google search results.

2. Banner Ad Placement

To further increase visibility, we published two banner ads promoting "GotBackup" on the home page of the MLMScores website. This placement led to increased traffic and conversions, further boosting the opportunity's visibility.

3. Top Performer of the Month Section

We decided to place "GotBackup" in our highly visible "Top Performer of the Month" section. This section typically gets the maximum organic exposure, sales, and signups. The strategy worked perfectly, driving even more signups for JohnBruce.

4. Email Marketing

Lastly, we sent out emails promoting "GotBackup" to our list of 5,000 leads, specifically those interested in joining legitimate business opportunities. This not only increased awareness but also contributed significantly to the number of new signups.


By meticulously executing these strategies and giving 100% effort, we managed to secure 49 signups for JohnBruce in just 40 days.


Our multi-faceted digital marketing approach was tailored specifically to meet JohnBruce's unique needs and challenges, yielding exceptional results. His case is a testimony to the effectiveness of our comprehensive strategies in delivering real-world results.

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