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Share The Winnings

Published On - December 07, 2023

ShareTheWinnings is a way to increase your odds of winning the lottery by playing as a team, and a way to supplement your income thru our 3x10 forced matrix even if you never win on any tickets.
Your commissions accumulate instantly in your back office “Bank” as orders come in from your team members. They will accumulate for as long as you like, and you will need to submit a W8 or W9 tax form in order to withdraw your commissions. Once your wallet has accumulated a minimum of $90, you can submit a withdrawal request. Just a reminder $60 is kept in reserve to pay your auto ship. To receive your commissions, you can request to be paid via CashApp, Direct Deposit to your bank account, or Bitcoin.

Did You Know These Lotto Stats?

• About half of U.S. adults try their luck with at least one lottery ticket each year!
• Both genders participate nearly equally, and people tend to play more as they age.
• Lottery playing isn't just for low-income households—all income levels join the fun!
• When Mega Millions hits the roof, ticket sales skyrocket.
• Digital lottery is on the rise, expanding the scope of players.
• The lottery industry saw a staggering $81 billion in revenue in 2019.
• Lottery proceeds often support public goods like education.

The Math is Simple: More Tickets = Higher Odds of Winning

Buying a ton of lottery tickets individually? Not feasible. But harness the synergy of your affiliate team for a smarter approach to lotteries. Enter the Lottery Pool.

Share The Winnings Comp Plan:

3 x 10 Forced Matrix
Fast Start Bonus:
• Earn a $20/mo bonus for each paid user you refer.
Matrix payouts:
• Matrix Levels 1-10: You earn $0.60 per each person placed in your matrix.
• Total 3x10 matrix payout: $53,143.20/mo -- potential -- even if it's all spillover and you sponsor no one.
Check match payouts:
• 5% check matching bonus on 10 generations (no qualifying required)!

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