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Published On - January 10, 2023

Join the movement, with SHIBONK holders get higher privileges such as voting rights on its DAO changes as well as access to exclusive access to its upcoming NFT collection for top $SBONK holders.

SHIBONK plans to bring value and recognition to the often overlooked but highly influential world of internet memes.

Memes have a long history of shaping popular culture and how we communicate online, but they have often been treated as lowbrow or ephemeral.

SHIBONK aims to change this by creating a token that recognizes and rewards the creators and curators of high-quality memes and by building a vibrant and engaged community of meme enthusiasts.

By doing so, we hope to celebrate and elevate the art form of the meme and bring greater recognition and value to the world of internet memes.

Here at SHIBONK we want to encourage joy and engagement with our Community, so what better than with Memes Featured here on site from all the Bonkers reading this.

 SHIBONK for the meme of it, SHIBONK for the lols. What or why you may find joy in Memes? We at SHIBONK want to celebrate it. 

Going forward, we will hold many contests with varying prizes to enhance engagement and give back to all of you, Bonkers, as without you making up our amazing SHIBONK community, we are Bonkless! 

No effort is too little, and No effort is too much.

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