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Published On - November 09, 2022

                                              SOCIAL RETAIL - A BETTER WAY TO MARKET

Modere is the first company to develop an industry-changing concept called Social Retail. Our innovative social marketing strategy enables people like you to promote the Modere brand by simply referring and sharing our stylish, safe and smart products while earning income and rewards.

Modere is the first ever Social Retail Company:

·         Retail powered by people

·         Share products you love with people you know

·         Earn commissions when those people purchase products


We're a Social Retail brand built for customers and the everyday entrepreneur. We're committed to the success of our Social Marketers and to sharing our vibrant opportunity. But Modere is more than just an awesome brand - our products and our business are a way of life, showing others how to live clean, shop smart, earn additional income, and give back.

Social Retail is a brand-new opportunity bringing together the best of social shopping and the enormous direct sales industry.



Enjoy the benefits of social shopping, receive discounts and offers.


Set your inner entrepreneur free and start making money right now by sharing the Modere experience with others.

Increase your earning potential by building a team of Social Marketers. Earn higher compensation, access lucrative bonuses and achieve well-deserved recognition.

Modere live clean is about people who believe in better products, and the positive change that switching to a clean-label lifestyle creates. Living clean means removing controversial ingredients from your life and seeing better health and improved wellbeing as a result.

From beginning to end, our goal is to achieve ethical sourcing, zero animal testing, safe and non-toxic/BPA-free containers, environmentally friendly packaging, GMO-free formulation, no parabens, PEGs, SLS, or other controversial chemicals.

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