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Published On - July 26, 2023

Most preppers have wisely stockpiled freeze dried and canned food, grains, firearms and ammo, first aid and even communication systems. However, the one missing essential category is definitely PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS! Our website was created by a physician and allows for the legal purchase of essential medication without need of a doctor’s prescription per laws and guidance of the FDA. 

We have vetted the best international pharmaceutical suppliers producing the safest, highest quality medications(cGMP) from around the world. Again you may legally purchase safe medications without a prescription ‘FOR PERSONAL USE’…NOT INTENDED FOR RESALE’. This means you may stock up on those essential heart, diabetic, asthma and antibiotic medications to sustain yourself and your family if or when an event occurs. 


1. Products available in quantities of 90/180/270/360.
2. We do not share or sell your personal information.
3. We utilize and e-check service for greater privacy over credit cards. 
4. Purchases are packaged discreetly with your privacy in mind.
5. These are not substandard or counterfeit medication but produced by reputable manufacturers around the world.
6. Expected delivery takes between about 10 days

Tracking provided with each purchase. 

Please visit our website. It is wise to stockpile critical, life-saving medications in bulk before it's too late. Again, where will we turn when the banks and pharmacies close.

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