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Debbie Desmond  Dream Builders United

Published On - September 09, 2022

Let’s face it, things can get tough out there, and we need all the help we can get to not only survive, but also to thrive! We’ve designed Elomir specifically to be your support physically, emotionally – as well as providing an exciting business opportunity.

Love is the base to any successful organization. Without love; understanding, collaboration, and transparency will not exist in any aspect of the group. Appreciation for what we have and what we are working towards gives us the patiences to continually grow in our journey towards our desired goals. Respect to ourselves and other’s is what gives us permission to give grace during our process in life without judgment and discouragement to take us away from our focus. Friendship is the cement that holds everything together. Rooted by friendship is what makes us fight harder for each other and elevate one another.

We have built successful careers in many different industries in and out of Network Marketing because of the core values we stand upon. We have always lead our career with these 4 pillars as our base. This simple formula has allowed us to build successfully for the last 17+ years and has also remained the only consistent thing we have done that continually creates success in all other areas of our lives.

Leave people better. Elomir’s mission is simple. Make a global impact with our products and culture that leave people better than they were before us, in every area of their lives.

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