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Club BizsSmart

Published On - February 23, 2023

Welcome to Club BizsSmart Health & Wellness Club

Our mission is to empower people, regardless of their background, gender, race or age by giving them a unique opportunity to achieve their goals and dreams. Our model is flexible and adaptable with no restriction to your growth. We are committed to your success by providing you with the best and highest grade of products available. We will give you all the necessary support and training you need in order to sell your products and build a strong and profitable business.


(1) Retail Profits: $15 or more per Retail Sale

(2) Residual Coded Bonus: 2-up Plan Pays $5 to $1,000 Per Recurring Sale

(3) 2 X 2 Pay-Line Bonus: From $10 to $10,000 per Pay-Line Sale

(4) 2 X 1 Smart Mini Matrix Bonus: From $25 to $500 Per Sale

(5) Team Bonus: 25% Binary Caps at up to $25,000 Per Day

(6) Team Matching Bonus: Up to 100% Combined over 6 Levels

(7) Diamond Bonus: $1000 Per Smart 10000 Matrix Pack Sale

(8) 2 X 15 Forced Matrix Bonus:  From $0.20 + Per Sale, Per Level with Compression

(9) 2 X 15 Matrix Matching Bonus: 100% Match on Direct Referral Income

(10) Instant Cash Bonus: $10 - $400 Cash Back One-Time and Monthly

(11) 2 X 2 Progressive Smart Matrix: From $36 to $30,000 Per Completed Matrix


Welcome To The Smart Matrix Club!
100% Commissions! Get Paid Every Friday!
"Doing Business in over 200 Countries"

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