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Published On - February 23, 2024


With Finmore you can experience improved financial well being through more financial literacy, more financial momentum, more rewards from current spending, and more opportunities for social impact.

Finmore is a fintech company dedicated to enhancing the financial well-being of everyday Americans through innovative products and services. The company integrates a unique banking platform, proprietary e-commerce store, and other distinctive services designed with a commitment to social impact.


For those who’d like more financial momentum we offer a Finmore Business Owner program. As an FBO you have the opportunity to earn income within the Finmore ecosystem. This income is generated from transactions made by customers you personally refer to Finmore. We provide you with the necessary tools and training to effectively promote Finmore to others.

• Earn Fincredits with every major card in your wallet
• New and more valuable rewards earned anywhere you normally spend
• Stretch your hard earned money & Fincredits even further
• Social impact services that can increase income, health, & marketability!
Finmore’s Flourish social impact services are a holistic approach to money, life and living. From financial tools to health and wellness each carefully curated service is devoted to empowering a diverse community of members with avenues to peace, purpose, and greater financial prosperity.

As a Finmore member, you can instantly join the Fincredit rewards program by integrating the cards already in your wallet into the Finmore ecosystem through the Allcards program. This way, you can not only earn Fincredit rewards on your purchases but also continue to enjoy the benefits of the rewards programs already associated with your cards.

As an Allcards user, whenever you spend with your integrated cards for your regular everyday purchases, you’ll earn a 1-to-1 rewards match in Fincredits. For example, when you spend $150 on groceries with the Allcards program, you earn you 150 Fincredits! Fincredits can then be used to buy down the price of items in the Finmore Store, making everyday essentials to vacation packages more affordable.

The Finmore Store is our member-only marketplace where you can apply Fincredits to every purchase. There are a wide range of products, services, luxury items, and travel. This exceptional rewards program sets Finmore apart, providing more buying power for you.

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