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Published On - August 28, 2022

The People’s Project has been created for literally everyone, from every corner of the globe reach their goals and dreams; no matter how much money is in your pocket currently.

The People’s Project has been designed to provide everyone the opportunity to accomplish the following:

1.       By participating in our amazing community, and following the simple steps detailed in the videos below; you will be tapping into an incredibly powerful crowd-funding model unlike anything you may have seen before. It is a simple pay it forward, proven plan that was designed to give everyone the ability to fund any size goal, no matter how big or how small.

2.       By learning and taking the incredibly simple steps we’re about to show you, you’ll be part of movement; part of a group of like-minded people all working as one, helping each other achieve the lives we all desire and deserve.

3.        Remember, there are nearly 8 billion of us here on Earth, a majority of whom may never have access to the financial resources they need to build their dreams into reality- if it weren’t for YOU- learning and implementing the simple process we have in place.

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Published On - April 24, 2020

Welcome to Ecohashes. We are a professional mining group with significant experience and well-tested software that helps to maximize the profit from our miners.

In 2018 ecohashes team has achieved its main goal by building the most Ecological data centers. We provide quality and transparent service for our users. In connection with the upcoming decrease in the reward for BTC miners, the instability of the cryptocurrency rate, as well as the high cost of electricity, we decided to enter the world mining market.

The cost of electricity, we decided to enter the world mining market.


To reduce costs, we switched to renewable energy sources in the form of:

·         wind generators;

·         solar panels;

·         hydro generators.

We have installed our miners near renewable energy sources to reduce costs. The data centers are equipped with new and energy-efficient equipment from the most reliable manufacturers. Thus, we ensure the smooth operation of our service.

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Kadi Louise By Your Side

Published On - April 22, 2020

Kadi Louise is a beginner artist, who started out with her song: by your side. She is currently working on new music too. Inspired by Emily Burns and others. She is a unique artist at this young age of 16. Listen to her new and unique songs and follow her for more amazing songs.

Visit the below link to reach her latest tracks.

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Published On - April 22, 2020

TwentyXpro offers an innovative way to earn a secondary income by building a home-based business to help you achieve your goals. Who knows, it may even become your primary income. TwentyXpro offers different Courses to gain massive exposure online and Gold Bars to obtain your financial independence.

Our Mission is to enable individuals to earn a supplemental income that can help them reach their financial goals and achieve their life-dreams, to build a successful business. We do this by helping them achieve their goals and lead better lives through a combination of an entrepreneurial business opportunity with life-enhancing products.

Our VISION is to be the global leader within the direct selling industry, leveraging this position so as to be a positive influencer in the development of sustainable and professional network marketing communities around the world. Network marketing uses all the leverage offered via the internet to help you prosper in an ever-growing industry. It is a unique business opportunity, which provides its members the ability to earn money by marketing a valuable commodity and rewards you to share this opportunity with others, which will increase your income as well. This program is a network marketing at its finest with a high paying commission structure, and a product that has the potential to significantly increase in value over the next year and beyond. The core products offered by TwentyXpro are marketing education and internet business by leveraging the World Wide Web.

We answer the common struggles by empowering people to increase their potential and finding ways to professional success.

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