Asirvia Company Interest Trend


Asirvia is a direct sales company that offers affiliate work-from-home opportunities to earn sales-based and residual commission income.

Asirvia has a full line of products that, primarily, take the form of monthly subscription based financial services and technical support. The company provides services such as credit monitoring, tax planning, money saving discount programs, identity theft protection, and similar services.

The company also provides a wider array of services that include phone and internet based 24/7 tech support services, a roadside assistance program, personal self-improvement programs, pharmacy savings memberships, and travel discounts.

These services tend to range from $20 to $40 per month and can be purchased a la carte or in packages.   the “Basic Package” consists of any six services (customer choice) for $99 a month, while the “True Solutions” package includes all of the company 11 services for $169 a month.

There are several different ways to turn Asirvia into an income earning opportunity.

Individuals interested in marketing the company services, either as individual ones or in packages, need to pay a $25 fee for the privilege.

Individual service commissions are 25%  selling a Basic Package nets an affiliate a $25 commission, and a True Solutions package sale provides a $50 commission.

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