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We are the Weltisch Team: Global team players that want to develop international markets with the innovative health products of Worldgn


As partners of Worldgn we are deeply impressed by the company innovative products. That is why the Weltisch Team (Swiss German for “I want”) – consisting of four marketing experts in Switzerland – wants to make Worldgn convincing technology even more popular. The advantage of these products: People are now able to manage their state of health individually and in an active way. Therefore our concern is to market those health enhancing products within the network marketing of Worldgn and to achieve even more people worldwide will benefit of their enormous advantages.


Worldgn – A global network in service to the health of each person


Our company, founded in 2011, is specialized in the Online-Marketing of highly efficient technology that allows an active and individual health management. In Asia and America our convincing products are already very successful. In these countries our progressive products have already convinced the people. In a short while Europe and Germany will follow as the next key markets.


The big ambition of the global network marketing is to improve people life, to help them being more aware of their body and to become healthier. As significant market leader in the sector of mobile health technology we unite the best specialists in 15 offices all over the world. That is the place where our professionals are searching for budding inventions and realize them. In more than 100 countries all over the world the customers are already convinced by the high quality and the big benefit of Worldgn mobile health technology.

They already use it permanently in their everyday life to be informed regularly of their state of health.



Manage your health actively with the unique Worldgn products


Fabio Galdi, the founder of Worldgn, wanted to provide people all over the world with a modern mobile technology that allows them to check the most important body functions - whenever they want. Thus they should be motivated to care more for their body and to improve their state of health. Our efficient products help each individual to improve its way of life for a better well-being and a higher quality of life. They can be ordered comfortably and exclusively via our marketing online shop.


Be your own health manager with the new Helo LX – the sensation on the current health market.


The health wristband Helo LX by Wor(l)dgn indicates you all important body functions by your smartphone. Not just heart rate and calories burnt, but also blood pressure, breath rate and quality of sleep. And even more: You can also request your personal electrocardiogram or a heart stress test. Amazing: The revolutionary technique allows you to help beloved people if their body functions deviate from normal range. Thanks to its integrated SOS- Button! Super innovative: The Lifelog-App helps you to create the first health diary of the world! With Lifelog it is possible to connect all your body functions such as heart rate with each important event in your personal life, date and location included. Whenever you want you can have a look again at a specific event in your life and your body data according to that. It is also possible to share your health diary with relatives and friends. Soon, your Helo LX will be able to indicate your level of blood sugar and the alcohol level. Download on your personal Helo-App-Store just those Apps that you are going to use. Get yourself your

personal and reliable health assistant! With the Helo LX you can finally become your own health manager.


Biozen – micro-chip reduces harmful electric smog


Since the modern man spends more and more time on mobile means of communication, we are all influenced to a higher extend by harmful electric smog. But it is possible to reduce that electromagnetic radiation and to stop the pathogenic processes within the body: with Biozen, a worldwide unique technology to reduce electric smog. Through the microchip the electromagnetic fields of a smartphone for example are modified and reduced in the way that they are not dangerous anymore. That is why Biozen protects each individual that spends a lot of time with a smartphone, tablet, laptop etc. It is just a question of time until this unique invention will be used by the masses in Europe, too.


Smartphone Infolio - supersmart, superchic, supershield


Do you want to protect yourself from the harmful electromagnetic smog during telephone calls? Then Worldgn has just the right thing for you: the brand new Smartphone Infolio. This unique, modern mobile phone is the only telephone in the world to have an integrated protection against electrosmog, which reduces the dangerous spikes in the magnetic fields, makes them normalized and is so safe. Especially when telephoning with the smartphone emerges the problematic electromagnetic radiation. The particularly intense radiation areas in the magnetic field interfere with the sensitive magnetite crystals in the brain. This slows the hormone and protein production. Also the DNA is attacked and the blood picture changes.

There may be headache, dizziness, concentration problems and other symptoms. Thanks to the effective BioZen technology from Worldgn, the new Infoline Smartphone protects you against this strain. Because: BioZen makes the magnetic fields harmless for you. Thus, the brain can recover its full functionality with regard to hormone and protein

production, the DNA regenerates, the blood picture normalizes again. The Infolio is the ideal companion in your everyday life and effectively protects you against harmful electrosmog.

But the promising device from Worldgn has even more to offer: With its borderless display you have a larger surface available than with all other mobile phones. For maximum surf fun! You can also view photos enlarged, typing is easier. For the optimal photo, a dual camera on the back provides you with a wide angle of 86 degrees. With an image resolution of 16 + 8 megapixels, you can be sure that your images have top quality. For a particularly long duration of your new companion is a very powerful battery, which lasts about four days.

With the state-of-the-art InPlus Smartphone from Worldgn, you are protected against the dangers of the electric smog due to mobile telephoning, in contrast to all other mobile phones. The protective effect of this innovation was scientifically confirmed in many years of tests. Get your new health care provider and enjoy the power, super-edged design and increased user interface!



Become a partner and cooperate with Worldgn


The secret of our success is, beside our helpful and innovative products, teamwork. At Worldgn thousands of people all over the planet work together as partners. They campaign for a better well-being of each person by marketing Worldgn’s progressive products.

Everybody that identifies with our values and aims may become part of our network marketing. As partner you get the unique opportunity to generate a second income. Everybody, regardless of profession, age or race get the same chances to earn a lot of money with Worldgn. For more information, click here:

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